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20 Ways Pregnancy Permanently Changed The Structure Of These Women’s Bodies, As Shared On Twitter

Science has a pretty good idea how a life is born in a woman’s body and how the baby is formed, but it is still truly a miracle that a person can carry a new life inside them and then release it to the world to be a whole person with their own personality, thoughts and goals they want to achieve.

But this whole process is a laborious one and leaves women suffering the consequences for their whole lives. It’s just another reason why women shouldn’t be forced to give birth if they don’t want to. And it’s not just gaining weight and being dissatisfied with your looks for a while. It’s actually a lot more serious and not enough people know about it or just don’t want to listen.

Writer Amber Sparks doesn’t care if people don’t want to know the truth – they will anyway, especially because her tweet bringing attention to the fact that women’s skeletons deform during pregnancy went viral with 311k likes.

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Mom on Twitter revealed what things happen to women’s bodies after giving birth and it’s quite a strong argument for why nobody should be forced to have kids

Image credits: Kevin Stanchfield (not the actual photo)

Amber Sparks is a writer and a mom from the US who, as she introduces herself on her website, loves “books and art and politics and grammar and theater and music and video games and history and technology and all kinds of movies, especially monster movies and noir and spaghetti westerns and the Marx Brothers.”

She has over 47k followers on Twitter where she shares things from her daily mom life, opinions on what’s happening currently in the world, like Met Galas, and speaks her opinion about women’s rights.

The woman claims that the effects of pregnancy don’t last just 9 months as it literally causes changes to the skeletal structure

Image credits: ambernoelle

Image credits: ambernoelle

Pregnant women also have to do a complete wardrobe change and won’t be able to revert to their old one to once they’ve given birth

Image credits: ambernoelle

Other women added that not only the rib cage changed, but their pelvis became bigger

Image credits: kaitlyn92919

Recently one of her tweets went really viral with more than 311k likes and in that post, Amber brought up a fact that maybe not a lot of people are aware of, which is that when women are pregnant, their skeletal structure changes and it doesn’t t go back to its original place after giving birth.

So when governments decide that women don’t have a right to have an abortion, at the same time they give them a new rib cage, a different pelvis, bigger feet, and weaker teeth, and to anyone with basic human decency, this should seem appalling.

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Some of them noticed that their teeth became really bad or that their hair started falling out

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Also, try telling women who don’t want to have children why they have to buy new clothing to fit on their new bodies that they will never wear once the pregnancy is over or why they have to suffer from fallen arches on their feet and buy special shoes to support them.

These are just some of the examples of changes women go through that Amber chose to mention, but women responding to the tweet had even more things to say. Other women revealed that they have a weak bladder, their hair is falling out, their abdominal muscles are destroyed, and they developed some random allergies, such as to eggs or their own cats.

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Their bladder became weak and their abdominal muscles got all messed up

Image credits: anniecromwell1

Image credits: momma_henn246

Women who want a baby get educated about these things and do their research, and if they decide to still have a child, that means they are prepared to deal with the complications if they come. Other women didn’t sign up for this and for some, the only way they could change their situation is illegal.

Even the moms in this thread who do have children, love them with all their hearts, feel that children make their lives complete and are worth the pain agree that it is a horrible thing to force someone to give birth when they don’t want to .

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Image credits: sidney_ella

A weird one that several women mentioned was that they became allergic to certain things like eggs, cat saliva, or metal

Image credits: irisrose94

Image credits: JulSun76

Actually, just not wanting kids should be a good enough reason to not make women have them, because according to Pew Research Center’s survey data, 56 percent of people who are between the ages 18 and 49 and don’t have children give this very reason to explain why they are not very likely or likely at all to become parents.

The other 43 percent have reasons that include medical and financial reasons, not having a partner, their age, the state of the world and the environment, or because their partner doesn’t want kids.

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And while they love their children, they understand why someone wouldn’t want to go through all of this

Image credits: Micah Sittig (not the actual photo)

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The number of people wanting to stay childless will likely be increasing and the Australian Bureau of Statistics predicts that in the nearest decade, there will be more couples who choose to remain child-free than those with children.

But sometimes women get pregnant when they don’t plan to, that is why they should have the option of abortion as pregnancy has lasting physical and emotional effects that lower their quality of life.

So for those who think that the most annoying thing pregnancy causes is weight gain, it is actually the easiest problem to fix out of all of them

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What do you think of Amber’s thoughts? Did you know how severely a woman’s body can change and deteriorate after giving birth? Have you experienced it yourself? Let us know your thoughts and reactions in the comments!

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